Soul Addict Manuka Face Mask
  • Soul Addict Manuka Face Mask


    CBD skincare that’s the first of its kind. Welcome to Dosed Beauty.


    CBD Manuka Honey for all skin types. A pH-balanced cooling, superfruit and cannabis-infused raw manuka honey face & body mask for glowing, healthy skin and moisture barrier repair. Made with farm-to-face whole foods for our skin (yes it’s edible technically) and the cleanest, organic ingredients for this hydrating and brightening CBD beauty ritual. 


    Consciously created for all skin types, even those who are super sensitive and acne-prone. Recommended use is twice a week, gentle enough for daily use. pH-balanced, naturally. 


    SA believes skincare magic is created when sourcing transparency, organic ingredients, and love is infused into the process above all.


    Each ingredient SA uses can be traced to the farms they source from and contains mostly organic ingredients when it makes the most sense.


    Handmade in small batches in Asheville, North Carolina.