Soul Addict Hemp Prerolls 5 Pack
  • Soul Addict Hemp Prerolls 5 Pack


    Organically grown hemp CBD flower meets wildcrafted herbs in our handcrafted prerolls created for our calm, chill bliss.


    A ritual rooted in returning to a natural state of balance.


    SA CBD Prerolls are made with organic, seriously loved-on North Carolina grown Hemp CBD flower and wildcrafted herbs. A thoughtful combination of high-powered organic calming herbs and flowers- Passionflower, Mugwort, Mullein, Chamomile, Rosebuds, Peppermint, to be exact- that work to help enhance hemp CBD flower’s already calming effects on our nervous system.


    Note, all hemp CBD flower is .3% or below of THC, these will not get you high. We are proudly a North Carolina-licensed Hemp Farm operating under the Federal Hemp Pilot Program. 


    Feels like: 24/7 access to a chill, sunshine-filled day for your nervous system.

    In the mornings with coffee to chill, anxiety-reducing, period pain relief, sleeping like a unicorn, sub for booze for bliss with friends, aphrodisiac + relax before sex.


    How do I use them?

    Simply light, inhale gently, hold for a few moments and exhale. It’s important to share many find they only need a few puffs and gently dab to stop the preroll from burning through. Light up & repeat for next use. Typically last 2-4 times depending on each person’s own body and dosing needs. 


    How are they made?

    Each of SA's Hemp CBD Prerolls is hand-crafted and truly a small-batch product. Each one contains organically grown & thoughtfully harvested hemp CBD flower, organic herbs + flowers, which are then hand blended and hand-rolled.