Defining Your Mood

Here you are waking up for the day, how would you define your mood? Cheerful, calm, dreamy, mellow, perhaps peaceful. Think about your mood when you woke up yesterday. Think about your mood when you went to sleep. How was your mood influenced throughout the day? Everyday brings on new challenges, excitements, and sometimes adrenal rushes. These moods will surely control certain responses in situations, how you act, what you do, what you procrastinate on, all because of your mood. 

When you define something, you are identifying the nature or essential qualities of that thing.

When we talk about moods there are 3 things to keep in mind:

  • a state or quality of feeling at a particular time

  • a distinctive emotional quality or character

  • a prevailing emotional tone or general attitude

Through this post we are going to explore a few things and with it I hope that you can discover the moods within yourself and if needed find a solution to a problem, if you feel stress or anxiety. Let’s get into it.

I want to talk about Mary. Mary has bouts of what I like to call “adrenal rushes”, more commonly known as anxiety or stress. Mary’s adrenal rushes are feelings at a particular time and caused by a lack of serotonin and dopamine in the neuro pathways of the brain. As Mary goes through her day she is confronted with poor drivers, people at work that are difficult, and on occasion a whiney partner. All of these things can cause an extreme reaction, a full body and emotional shut down, or an anxious mood for a moment. Mary meditates, she talks with friends and expresses herself when needed, but Mary is also overwhelmed by this anxiety. She feels as though it will never pass and she doesn’t know what else she could do to calm down.

Obtaining calm can be difficult. Mary introduced a combination of adaptogens into her daily life to achieve the calm feeling, since her body and mind struggle to produce the mood she would like in order to handle certain things. The adaptogens Mary started incorporating are CBD, Albizia Bark + Flower extracts, Avena Sativa (oat straw seed), Ashwagandha, Holy Basil leaf, Schisandra Berry, and L-Theanine. Each of these adaptogenic herbs are used to promote balance, soothe stress, and rejuvenate the body and mind. 

Plant People CBD

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